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I Want a Grogoch

grogochmainIn writing my book, Aroon, I needed some Irish mythical creatures. In the story, a prominent character, Eveleen, is telling fairy (or should I say faerie) stories to her little sisters. Having some Irish blood in my veins is not enough–it was off to Google to discover a beastie or two.

I searched “Irish story creatures” which led me to a lovely site, “Irish Myths & Legends.” Under the heading, “Creatures,” I discovered the grogoch, a half-fairy, half-troll of a man who runs around naked, covered only by coarse, reddish hair. Unfortunately, since he never washes, he also reeks.

He (and it’s always a “he”) is harmless and helpful. According to the site, “he may even attach himself to certain individuals and help them with their planting and harvesting or with domestic chores – for no payment other than a jug of cream. He will scuttle about the kitchen looking for odd jobs to do and will invariably get under people’s feet.”

I want one! I hear Glade Plug-Ins® handles odors quite well, and I’ll provide plenty of cream. Plenty!

Judy's facebook picture


“No king? How about a queen?”


They do not like the religious, though. If a member of the clergy is in the house, they will leave. So, if my sibling, Sister Judy of the Daughters of Divine Providence, wants to visit, I’m sure she can get a room at the local Day’s Inn. It’s not far.

This worked out great for my story, providing some cute banter between the siblings. Wanting to learn the correct pronunciation of the creature’s name, I googled further.

It was then I found it: The Demoniacal, a blog dedicated to “the demons, monsters, & mysterious creatures that reportedly haunt our world.” (www.the It even had a primitive video from YouTube of a grogoch story which showed me how to say it.

Then I read a comment on one of the blogposts: “in fact I think that vampires are hidden in somewhere of the earth, is only that they is not interest in attack us because they are already found a new feeding method or something like this.”

Oo-kaay. A little joke, perhaps? Regrettably, I don’t think so.

The blogger asks on a sidebar for readers with any supernatural experiences or “who identifies as a Witch, Vampire, Werewolf, Fairy, Alien or other supernatural being” to contact him. Or her.

This person ain’t playin’. To date, he’s posted 150 times about werewolves, 284 references to Satanism, 1,696 concerning UFOs and aliens, and 193 posts about Kurt Cobain.

Well, this shows two things. One is that you never know to what world your searches will lead you, and two–how easily I get sucked into the internet’s rabbit hole when I needed only ONE TINY PIECE of information. Help!


Note: This post has been re-worked from one I wrote in January of 2012. The site, “Irish Myths & Legends” was part of, which no longer exists.

One comment on “I Want a Grogoch

  1. What an interesting creature, thanks for sharing!


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